Polyphonic singing workshop HARMONIZE

For years I toured as a soloist with big orchestras. I still do sometimes. Awesome. But to be honest: polyphonic singing is at least as awesome. Because of the magic that is unleashed when voices come together. With the challenge to really listen to each other carefully, to merge the timing of all singers and create a sound together. That’s pure fun AND very educational. You are challenged to intonate well so the harmonies can be in full swing. You train your ears by working together.

←Check out our workshop in May 2023 with my song Sing in  the Garden

As a songwriter, I challenge myself to write and arrange
original songs for more voices, especially for this workshop!
In fact, last summer I wrote 3 new songs, for 3, 4 and 5 voices.
So my students and I can start working on that soon!
Who’s in?! 

Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 48 p.p.
Participants: 6 to 10 people
Location: Amsterdam center, Amsterdam south, Amsterdam center/east
Level: from beginners to professionals