I get it, singing is the most vulnerable and rewarding activity you can do.
And I support and guide you through every step of the adventure.


Have you been thinking about taking singing lessons for some time, but never taken the step?

Do not hesitate any longer and send me an email to info@veradebree.nl to schedule a trial lesson!

Vera is an experienced and dedicated vocal coach for beginners and professionals. From short coaching of a number of lessons to an intensive musical education for a longer period. During her singing lessons different styles are discussed such as pop, soul, rock, jazz, blues, cabaret and musical. Personal guidance is most important in Vera’s singing lessons. With her bachelor (Jazz Vocals, Conservatory of Amsterdam) and master (Singer/Performer, Academy for theatre and dance, Amsterdam), her work experience as a singer (my resume) and 18 years of experience as a singing coach, it remains a challenge for every student to let his or her unique voice develop freely and healthily.
In addition to singing lessons in her own practice, Vera also provides singing and team building workshops on location, including for the team of ‘Méér Muziek in de Klas’.


As a vocal coach I will give you the right information at the right time, so it can free the natural process of learning and creating.


Since 2004 I’m working as a vocal coach in Amsterdam. In the second year of my Conservatory study, I started giving private and group singing lessons at the music school of Amsterdam. Later on I also coached students from the Junior Jazz College. In 2009 a long cherished dream came true and I started my own singing practice at home. Here I give private and duo lessons, I organize workshops and there is a student concert every year. In addition, there is the possibility to record your own songs or covers in my home studio. New students can enroll all year round. So hopefully see you soon!

We can work on:

  • singing technique & posture
    (EVTS & CVT were discussed during my studies, and I keep updating)
  • voice liberation: exploring sound & dynamics
  • learning how to use your total vocal range & and how to control it
  • musical development, music theory & music styles
  • song interpretation & performance
  • audition training
  • songwriting & a studio recording


People take singing lessons when they’re ready for a transition.



Photography . Sharon de Jong