Workshop for rehearsing the group song for the Student Concert

This is the golden oldie of my workshops. I have my own singing studio since 2009 and have been organizing student concerts ever since.
Click here for more information about this Student Concert. This evening naturally includes, after all the solo performances, a group song at the end! To unashamedly sing out all the tension of the solos. You did it!

During a separate workshop, about 1 to 2 weeks before the concert, I learn everyone the song. The group song is very accessible and usually in a three-part arrangement. This song is also fun for students who, for example, are not yet ready for a solo performance but would like to come and watch and in this way also be part of the concert. This song is mainly about wrapping up the concert together and celebrating our shared evening.
This workshop is also a nice opportunity to get to know the other students. So you know them already when you meet them at the concert.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 8 per person (To cover costs of renting a larger studio. The workshop is part of the Student concert)
Participants: 10 to 20 people
Location: Amsterdam center, Amsterdam south, Amsterdam center/east
Level: for all levels