The subtle DANCE between HEAD and HEART.

In making music, in life, I’m searching for the simplicity of pure joy and excitement.
Sometimes it’s suddenly there. Sometimes it’s hard work, dedication and patience to find just enough.

Art has the responsibility to feed and warm our hearts. Along with the humor within the clash of dark and light. Like the ultimate adventure. That’s why I choose to sing. The nature of music, for me, is to mirror a sparkling and sharp clarity. Even when it’s in an abstract form or melody. From messy to simple clarity. That’s the ancient challenge.

Music heals and connects, and it has the ability to pioneer in the details. I like to give space to the rebel that acts on new ways of seeing.

We all want to feel seen. By ourselves and by others.
This touches a silent understanding.

Let’s meet there. 


The nuances in searching for an inner truth, really triggers me in writing songs and working with other musicians and my students.

To find the courage to search anew and anew. From heard before to finding new sounds, new poetry, new techniques, new perspectives and new relaxation. While maybe find a movement beyond our perception. Using all senses to acknowledge what cannot be caught, to see it dance in space. Like an elegant breeze complimenting your back garden.

Every sense of wonder is a present from life.