I get it, singing is the most vulnerable and rewarding activity you can do.
And I support and guide you through every step of the adventure.


Have you been thinking about taking singing lessons for some time, but never taken the step?
Do not hesitate any longer and send me an email to info@veradebree.nl to schedule a trial lesson!

Would you like to give a singing lesson as a gift?
Send me an email and we’ll arrange that!

Online singing lessons is also an option!

VERA DE BREE – VOCAL COACH in her own singing studio

Vera is an experienced and dedicated vocal coach for beginners and professionals. From short coaching of a number of lessons to an intensive musical education for a longer period. Personal guidance is most important in Vera’s singing lessons.
With her bachelor (Jazz Vocals, Conservatory of Amsterdam) and master (Singer/Performer, Academy of Theatre and Dance – Amsterdam University of the Arts), her work experience as a singer and songwriter (my RESUME) and 20 years of experience as a vocal coach, Vera has owned a lot of theoretical and practical experience. By working with many different students for many years now, she knows how to develop every unique voice in a healthy and free way.
In addition to singing lessons & small workshops in her own singing studio, Vera also provides workshops on location. Read more

As a vocal coach I will give you the right information at the right time, so it can free the natural process of learning and creating.

Since 2004 I’m working as a vocal coach in Amsterdam. In the second year of my Conservatory study, I started giving private and group singing lessons at the music school of Amsterdam. Later on I also coached students from the Junior Jazz College. In 2009 a long cherished dream came true and I started my own singing studio at home. Here I give private and duo lessons, I organize workshops and there is a student concert every year. In addition, there is the possibility to record your own song or cover in my home studio.

New students can enroll all year round. So hopefully see you soon!

Zangles en vocal coach

We can work on:
• singing technique & posture
• EVTS & CVT were discussed during my studies, and I keep updating
• voice liberation: exploring sound & dynamics
• learning how to use your total vocal range & and how to control it
• musical development & music styles
• song interpretation & performance
• audition training
• songwriting & writing lyrics
• a studio recording (with your own song or a cover)
• playing piano chords, to accompany your singing
• music theory & solfège, improving your composing skills
• your own Windowsill Session
• your solo performance at the student concert

Since 2022, I have also been teaching piano, solfège and music theory lessons. These lessons can be a great addition to your development as a musician, especially for writing your own songs.
With piano lessons, starting those lessons with the basics of music theory, I mainly focus on learning how to play the chords. So you learn to accompany yourself on the piano if, for example, you want to perform your own song.
Lessons mainly focused on solfège and music theory, also helps you to develop composing your own melodies and chord progressions.

When new students come to me, their first reaction often is: “What a nice street you live in!”
And second: “What a beautiful windowsill you have!”
This gave me an idea.
Singing in my windowsill has officially become a thing since May 2023.
The wonderful students I work with are all invited to sing a song on my windowsill.
I record this mini concert and put it on my Instagram. In addition to my student concert,
The Windowsill Sessions are a new way to create a stage for my students.

The kick-off was with Amon singing ‘Karaköy’ (Brazilian Girls), with a self-made track.


Every year I organize a student concert. All students who are ready and interested can perform a solo song during this evening. Besides the fact that this concert is super fun and heartwarming, you also learn a lot from it.
I coach you how to prepare your performance.
How to communicate with the pianist. How you can stay focused, so you can seize your moment when it is your turn. How you deal with the audience and how you in the most effective way deliver your song.
But you also learn not to compare yourself and to positively stimulate yourself and the other (also nervous) students. Every student is in their own process, that’s what makes it so interesting. For me as a teacher it is good to see the students in a different environment. I get information out of that, which I can use in the private or duo singing lessons.
I also think it is important to create a safe stage for my students, where they can try things out.
We always end with a group song, to celebrate everyone being brave enough to climb onto the stage. See workshops for more information about the preparations for this group song. 

People take singing lessons when they’re ready for a transition.