My goal is to reach even more people so I can make them sing!
And for all my students who already take singing lessons with me, I wanted to create new opportunities to grow, learn and experiment. This inspired me to developed these six workshops. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic. Please read all the information carefully and let me know by email which workshop appeals to you most. Or maybe several workshops! Then I’ll put you on the list and as soon as there is news about an exact date, time and location, you will be the first to know. I would also like to hear from you if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon and hear your voice…

A singing workshop with a focus on your
solo performance and how to deliver the story of your song. Read more

Through breathing techniques, making sound and singing together you learn to break through blockages and allow more relaxation on a deeper level. Read more

Pure magic when voices come together
in harmonies.
With original songs and arrangements, specially created for this workshop. Read more

How do I start writing a song lyric?
How do I deal with a writer’s block?
Feedback & writing assignments
within a small group. Read more

Through fun singing workouts,
I bring out the best in people!
To optimize the energy and dynamics within the group of colleagues. Read more

A workshop to rehearse
the 3-part group song,
to perform as last song at the Student Concert! Read more