Voice liberation workshop FREE AS A BIRD

In my singing school I more and more hear from my students they are interested in ‘voice liberation’. Many of my singing students have to deal with a high workload. And, partly because of this, experience blockages when they sing. While a healthy singing technique starts with a relaxed body. Your body is your instrument.
During this workshop we will go into depth. We create optimal space to relax. And we gently take care of blockages due to older or newer trauma. Through breathing techniques, making sound and singing simple, repetitive songs together.
I wrote songs in Dutch and English especially for this workshop. Sometimes unison, sometimes polyphonically. During the workshop we will see what feels best. It starts with feeling safe. By singing together you learn to open up and relax on a deeper level.

From a natural curiosity, we will explore how to make your voice more powerful and strong. With an awareness of judgments from within yourself, conditioning of certain thoughts and behavior or old  wounds that block vocal expression. With the underlying question: which patterns used to serve me but are now holding me back?

Reasons that people do not dare to take the step to singing are:
• they are afraid of not being good enough
• they don’t know how to do it
• they are afraid of doing something wrong

What if we transform all those perceptions from fear into:

What do you need?
What do you like?

To find joy in singing again.

Unlock your voice! And be as free as a bird! When we sing we can express our whole being, our creativity and we step out of our comfort zone. As a vocal coach it is always special to experience how singing can help us discover and flourish ourselves.

A few fun facts about singing! Did you know that research has shown that:

• Singing releases endorphins. The feel-good chemical in the brain that makes you feel happy. So singing works as a natural antidepressant.
• Singing reduces stress levels and improves mental state. Improved blood circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow ensure that more oxygen reaches the brain.
• Singing strengthens your immune system
• Singing helps you connect with other singers
• It also helps you improve your sleep quality. Singing can help strengthen the throat and palate muscles, which helps stop snoring and sleep apnea.
• Singing helps you develop your communication skills.
• Singing is a great workout! Your lungs get a workout when you apply the right singing techniques and vocal projections. It also helps you train a stronger diaphragm and stimulate overall circulation. 

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So, having said this.
Are you in a burnout?
Do you experience a lot of stress?
Do you get stuck in certain things?
Or do you just want to learn how to sing as free as possible?

Then this workshop might be something for you. You are very welcome to join me on this adventure.


Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 48 p.p.
Participants: 6 to 10 people
Location: Amsterdam center, Amsterdam south, Amsterdam center/east
Level: from beginners to professionals