Interpretation & performance workshop STAGE & STORY

During this 2-hour workshop we will work on your solo performance. Before a group of 4 to 6 fellow students you perform a song of your choice. In the private singing lessons I accompany on piano. But in this workshop I’m working with another pianist or an instrumental backing track. This way I have my hands free to work specifically on performance and movement. How do you use the space? How do you tell the story behind the lyrics? How do you bring the poetry within your song to life? How do you involve your audience in your story?
Interesting topics to dig in on. This way, every student receives immediate feedback from me, but also from fellow students. How do you actually come across? A great way to gain more awareness of how you connect with the song and everything around you. With the opportunity to immediately try to apply the feedback the second time you perform the song.

This workshop Stage & Story can also be very valuable if, for example, you have to give presentations for work. The pronunciation and diction of the lyrics, but also your posture, are being looked at.

During my master’s studies at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, I joined these workshops too and those where one of the most inspiring lessons for me. In addition to analyzing and mirroring my own presentation, I also learned a lot from observing how the teacher works with fellow students. That is why I now create this workshop for my students.


Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 48 p.p.
Participants: 4 to 6 people
Location: Amsterdam center, Amsterdam south, Amsterdam center/east
Level: is viewed per group

Stage and story